With a little help from my Floorball Friends

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land area in Europe the nightFive years ago I started writing a novel about a Junior floorball team that was about to embark on a fantastic journey. Playing their last year with the youth team, on the edge of taking the leap into a senior team on field and becoming adults off the field. Anton, Emil, Charlie and the other players decided to join the Floorball World Tour and the adventure started.

I began writing in January 2009. During spring that year I published one episode at a time as a serial, writing it at the same pace. A lot of people read it online but also asked for a printed edition. So, Nov 15, 2009 I published InnebandyPiraterna – Första säsongen (Pirates of Floorball – Season One).

During the winter of 2009/2010 I spent a lot of time signing and selling books in floorball arenas around Sweden. The year after I wrote and published book 2 in the series and in 2011 the third book came out.

Due to popular demand there will be a fourth book in Swedish, coming nov 15, 2014. Yes, it will be published on the day five years after the first book.

But a couple of months ago I also decided to take action launching this floorball saga internationally. During these years I know the books have been read in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland by floorball fans who was able to comprehend Swedish. But I have also received emails from fans around the world, asking if there would ever be a Pirates of Floorball in English.

And now the time has come. Pirates of Floorball will be published in a couple of months. Hopefully we can launch it in time for the World Floorball Championshosp

But I need Your help. It costs a lot of money to translate and edit the English edition. So I decided to do a crowdfunding campaign to raise money and at the same time spread the word about the new book all around the floorball world.

I don’t know how many readers there are out there. Hundreds or thousands? But floorball today is played in more than 50 countries.

So, dear Floorball Friends. Please support the Crowdfunding campagin – and tell all your friends to do the same. Together we can make Pirates of Floorball available all around the world!

If you are among the first to contribute you can also pick up some neat rewards. Get your hands on the signed limited hard cover edition.

Click here to get to the campaign >>

Thanks in advance!

And please spread this link: https://www.fundedbyme.com/en/campaign/4542/publishing-innebandypiraterna-book-one-in-english/#.U_9re_l_uW7


Sölve Dahlgren is an author, journalist and entreprenuer. He has published his own floorball magazine, been the editor-in-chief of the official Swedish Floorball Magazine, attended several World Championship tournaments and served as board member of FC Helsingborg. He founded the publishing house Hoi Förlag AB in 2010. He has written four floorball novels, one humor novel and two non-fiction books.

Fortsätt läsaWith a little help from my Floorball Friends