What is the Swedish Conspiracy?

This post will be in English, for the international audience.

Today is July 4th, a big holiday in the USA. A few days ago we started talking about doing something to boost the sales of Agneta Sjödins book The Heart of a Woman, that was released in English on Amazon (and other ebook retailers) a few weeks ago by my company Hoi Förlag (read about the book here).

Suddenly someone suggested – what about trying to get in into the Amazon bestseller list. And why not do it on July 4th. Simply: let us put a Swedish novel on top of Amazon on July 4th 2013.

What we ask is that everyone log into amazon.com this day and buy the book at 09.00 AM (New York time, since the novel is set in NY). Hopefully this will boost the ranking and push it high enough to get it climbing and with some buzz be able to reach top100 before the end of the day.

So I am asking for your help with this cool challenge:

1) go to amazon.com and Buy the book!

2) tweet something about the book, posting the amazon-link (http://www.amazon.com/The-Heart-Woman-ebook/dp/B00DCYB9BU/) and use the hashtag #TopJuly4th

3) post something on Facebook about the book, using same hashtag #TopJuly4th

4) tell all your friends about it, and ask them to do the same

5) that’s it. You are now part of the Swedish Conspiracy.



A. What is the book about? Well, it kind of reminds me of something written by Paulo Coelho. Easy read. Actually I heard about someone challenging each other to read the entire book today. If you are able to do that then:

6) post a review of the book on amazon.com

B. Who is Agneta Sjödin? I suggest reading about her on Hoi:s website (swe) or Wikipedia (english).

Vill du veta när jag släpper nästa bok?

Det händer att jag ger ut en ny bok. Jag kommer även att då och då skicka ut nyhetsbrev och berätta  om när dessa är på gång. Kanske bjuda på en novell eller tipsa om några aktuella inlägg på bloggen ifall du inte hänger här varje dag. Kort sagt, lämna din mejladress om du vill hålla dig uppdaterad om mitt författarskap.